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Reackon polyplast a sister concern of Reackon Concretes Pvt.Ltd.A CRISIL accredited company with ISO 9001:2015 certification established in 2004 engaged in Manufacturing of Ready Mix Concrete and Innovative Precast Concrete Products also engaged in Manufacturing of Premium Quality P.V.C. Moulds for precast concrete products which stand to its excellence in performance and durability. We emerged as leading manufacturer and exporter of P.V.C. Moulds for Precast concrete products because of its Quality, Durability and Performance with elegant designs. We are facilitated with highly automated machines to cater the requirements of our valued Customers across India and Abroad.



 Rubberised Pvc Raw Material is Used.

We are Facilitated with Highly Automated Machines.

Punctual Services & Time Bound Delivery


Address : Reackon Concretes Pvt. Ltd. "Aakanksha" Opp. Bhandara Bank, Central Avenue, Gandhibagh, Nagpur - 32(I), Maharashtra , India.

Phone : +91 9561067708

Email : info@reackon.com

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